“All the Remax realtors thought we put down 'new
carpet'!! Great Job!”


"We were given reasonable price estimates for minor
stretching and cleaning.  All work was done with care
and concern for carpet and furniture."

                         -Wil S.

“Your company and staff do a great job for us! You guys
are the best!!”

                         -Melany A.

“Carpets look great – we thought we may have ruined
them. Rami saved our carpets and us money. Thank you!”

                          - Marianne A.

“Was super happy & surprised the technician was able to
get the blueberry stain out of my Carpet!!”

                             -Renee B.

“My carpet looks brand new, and it’s 5-years old!”

                             -Melissa D.

"I appreciate the advice and education.  I sincerely
appreciate the top quality, courteous work.  The
stretching was not on the original plan, but was done
without complaint about overtime."

                           -Cathie M.

"I was impressed with the effort made to repair our
carpet & the care they took to clean it-Thanks!!"

                          -Peggy L.